"My boyfriend and I came to Zhanna to learn more about Tantra, and how it could enhance our love life. Zhanna made us feel very comfortable from the start.  She was very insightful and respectful during the process.  We both had a great experience, and are practicing the techniques taught to us.  This is the beginning of our journey into Tantra, and we're looking forward to what's to come!"

Thank you, Zhanna!!

N & J (41 and 42 y.o.)

"Our session really opened up a lot of stuff in a good way. Since that I've been releasing many negative stories and beliefs around my past relationships and my sexuality, and I'm opening up to new relationships and sexual experiences with new people. It's all happening on really deep energetic levels - just a big shift how I relate to people and especially romantic relationships. Very cool stuff!"

 Luke (26 y.o.)

"A learning you can take with you and put to practice! I highly recommend Zhanna!"


Kurt (59 y.o.)                         

"'I worked with Zhanna one-on-one over the course of a few months. She helped me to transform myself in all of my relationships.  She brought clarity, power, optimism, and an immense excitement into my life, and especially my relationship with my husband.  Zhanna has a gift.  I recommend her with my whole heart, mind and soul!"

Kendra (44 y.o.)"

In seeking a holistic approach to my sexual health and overall wellness, I began seeing Zhanna for coaching. It is the best gift I ever gave myself! Zhanna is extremely knowledgeable, talented, warm and compassionate. She has an incredible breadth of knowledge spanning Tantra, yoga, therapeutic touch, and Reiki, which means she can tailor coaching sessions to meet the needs of virtually anyone.  With Zhanna's caring guidance, I have opened my eyes, heart, and mind to a new mindset. I am a better giver, a better receiver, and a better lover to my spouse. Anyone wishing to learn Tantra from a kind and compassionate master, look no further than Zhanna.

John (50  y.o.)

I am very excited about the potential that Tantra brought for both me, and my wife! I appreciate how my wife is completely genuine, incredibly brave, and open during our sessions. The exercises that you taught us have been energizing and have created a stronger connection between us. We have now done three sessions, and I can honestly say that Tantra has brought us much closer! 

Jeremy (46 y.o.)  

"Words cannot express how grateful I am to have worked with Zhanna. She is one of the most compassionate and loving souls I know . My experience with her was one of the deepest healing experiences in my life.  I was able to let go of some of the trauma that I carried with me for far too long. I am excited to have more love in my life for myself and others now!

Zhanna, thank you for holding an incredible space of power, healing, and love!"

Soriya (33 y.o.)

When I began working with Zhanna, my goals were to further my self -understanding as a sensual human being, and to learn more about connecting with the people in my life to whom I am closest. Zhanna has an extraordinarily deep and thorough understanding of the field. Equally importantly, I found her to be a profoundly thoughtful and empathic person, both on a professional level and in a more personal, emotional sense. My work under Zhanna’s tutelage proved to be successful beyond my highest hopes and expectations. To anyone who is seeking to begin or further their understanding of the theory and practice of Tantra and related topics, I give Zhanna my highest possible recommendation!

Paul  C. J., PhD (73.yo)

Zhanna is a truly gifted healer. I have spent 10+ years in talk therapy with several practitioners, including years of hypnotherapy, to heal sexual trauma and anxiety with only a moderate degree of success. I am so grateful to have discovered Zhanna and the healing benefits of Tantra, which was the missing piece of the puzzle. Working with her is exactly what I needed to deeply heal and find the love, passion, and joy that I have been seeking to rediscover. She is a wise, gentle soul and approaches her work with professionalism, respect, and love.

Chris (38 y.o.)

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