Special offer for the Valentine's Day!

*if purchaced before February 29th 2020

"Revive your desire"

Coaching package for couples 

5 sessions (6-10 weeks) coaching package focusing on healing and  deepening your relationship with pleasure and sexuality as a couple.

Each module - 5 sessions   $750  (regular - $900) 


All three modules - 15 sessions $2200  (regular - $2700) 

*The modules has to be taken consecutively, and can be repeated.


Module 1

Wheel of consent, modalities of conscious touch, conscious communication tools, Beginner Tantric techniques for harmonizing energies

Module 2 

Sensual and healing modalities of touch, Intermediate Tantra techniques for sensual connection and channeling or increasing energy in a body.

Module 3 

Sensual and sexual modalities of touch, Learning the basics of healing Tantric massage.

"Sexual mastery for men" 

Coaching package for men 

6 sessions (6-10 weeks) coaching package focusing on your sexual mastery and pleasure and/or overcoming PE/ED issues.

 $1300  (regular - $1600) 

What is included?

3 in-person coaching sessions; 2 conscious touch practicum sessions; 1 Tantra healing session; support over emails and phone in between sessions (up to three 30 min phone consultations).

What will you learn?

Yogic practices for mastering your body/mind connection, your own unique pathways to erotic arousal, new conscious communication tools, better awareness of energy, touch, and healthy boundaries/consent, different modalities of touch, self-love practices, and Tantra techniques for increasing, controlling, and channeling your sexual energy.

*This is a suggested format. The package can be customized to your needs. 

Please contact me for a free phone consultation with any questions!


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