Wedding Rings

Are you someone who is ready to get married, or renew your vows?

Do you want to refresh your romantic connection by learning new things? 

Sexual satisfaction is one of the most powerful predictors of a successful marriage. Yet many people turn their attention to it only when they start experiencing problems. They go to a therapist or a doctor hoping to resolve their emotional difficulties, or to address physical symptoms.

Most often they suffer silently, letting shame and self-doubt drain their passion... afraid their relationship is doomed.

Have you ever considered looking at your sexuality from a holistic perspective? Maybe even before any problems start?

Intimacy is not something that is taught at school, but something we experience. It is the area where we all can use a more wholesome, practical, body-mind-heart centered approach.

This package is a perfect gift to ensure your life-long marital happiness and satisfaction... or to recover one! 


This is the education you always wanted, and never had!

What to expect?

  • Fifteen+ hours of coaching (in-person and online)

  • "Home play" assignments

  • Support over an email or phone 

  • You own printable "Holistic Intimacy Toolbox" with notes for a future reference.

  • Three to five special additions 

 EX:  tantric massage class, marital compatibility assessment, master-classes with guest teachers (pleasure, sexual healing, positioning), positive communication skills "boot camp", etc.

Senior Bride and Groom