NEWLY WEDS Package  

$2300 until June 1st, $2700 after

Are you someone who is ready to get married, or to renew your vows?

Check out this new exciting offer!


Sexual satisfaction is one of the most powerful predictions of a successful marriage. Yet many people turn their attention to it only when they start experiencing problems. They go to a therapist,  or to a doctor hoping to resolve their emotional difficulties, or physical symptoms.

Most often they suffer silently.

Have you ever considered looking at your sexuality from a holistic perspective? Maybe even before any problems start?

Intimacy is not something that is taught at school, but something we experience. It is the area where we all can use more wholesome, practical, body-mind-heart centered approach.

This package is the perfect gift to yourself and your partner to ensure your life-long marital happiness and satisfaction! This is the education you always wanted, and never had a chance to get!

12  coaching sessions with customized special additions created for YOU!



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"I've been happy in my sex life since the beginning of my 13 year relationship with my husband, and I have to say working with Zhanna opened up new possibilities and ways of connecting that I never knew were possible! I recommend her coaching for happy, satisfied couples as well as new couples!"​


"Zhanna opened up my heart and inspired me to think critically about my relationship with my sexuality and body. She taught me how to be in my body, recognize my own desires and how to communicate that to others. The knowledge and tools I’ve learned are invaluable!"