for couples or individuals

Would you like to receive the guidance and education you never had, and always wanted?


Do you want to be more connected with your partner, and to experience more pleasure?

Sessions are always customized to your individual needs. Expect talking through your current conditions and desires, creating a list of specific intentions, and diving into the art of conscious loving.

Possible topics to explore​:

  • Verbal and non-verbal communication skills in the area of intimacy and sex;

  • Mastering your touch, and deepening your ability to be fully present for your partner;

  • Increasing and sustaining energy and desire through Tantra yoga practices such as breath-work, meditation, visualization, positioning, and movement;

  • Resolving early ejaculation, or low desire concerns using holistic (no medications) approach.

  • Transforming your sexual experiences into a deep and loving experience of intimacy;

  • Understanding your partner’s wants and needs;

  • Overcoming physical and psychological obstacles on the way to be more relaxed, present, and confident in your body;

       And much more!

​Free assessment, educational package, and in-between sessions support is included.

All genders and sexual orientations are welcome!


This is your chance to dive into the direct experience and practice of giving and receiving the varieties of conscious, consensual,  platonic touch, receive an expert's feedback and recommendations, and learn basic Tantric tools for deeper connection such as breath work, eye gazing, and energy channeling.

Individual or small groups

(up to 6 people) sessions available.



These sessions is a combination of Reiki/energy healing, Tantra, Conscious Touch, and  intuitive counselling. They can be customized to your needs. 

*inquire for more details

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