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Updated: Apr 24

I was thinking about the art and the business of promoting yourself as a self-employed a lot recently. And I decided to make a list of places where I had the opportunity to be visible so far. :)

Being visible is a vulnerable place to be.

I like being visible and I hate it! What I am certain of is my commitment to transparency and modeling the ways of life I believe in versus trying to teach anything to anyone from the “above” position.

I love how Brene Brown puts it: vulnerability is the only way to an authentic connection. Just like not pushing away painful emotions gives you an access to more joy...

It works like a pendulum.

So, here we go! :)

Check it out, enjoy, ask questions, and please share!


My personal website

Group work here (thank you, Anna!)


Delicious Expansion

The Wheel of Consent with Zhanna


Sacred Eros - The Global Directory of Tantra and Sacred Sexuality Professionals (very mixed crowd)

The School of Consent, CA (I am in the process of becoming their certified workshop facilitator, very long and thorough process!)

The Source School of Tantra Yoga (my original Tantra teacher (s)

My interview in English, January 2020

My interview in Russian, March 2021

I feel I am missing something, so if you know what it is, please, let me know! 😊

*DELICIOUS : affording great pleasure

*EXPANSION : the act or process of expanding : great extent of something spread out


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