• Zhanna R Lee


I wish everyone knew that. I wish I knew it back in my twenties!

But wait.. did it exist back then?

Most people never had a pleasure and connection-based sex education!

I've been getting so many calls these last few months, that I believe an Intimacy Coaching is finally on the rise!


The common joke I have with my couples (ages from twenties to seventies!): Let’s get back to the First Grade!

Learning the basics – how to discover what you want, how to communicate, how to feel safe in your skin and with your partner… It can be both fun, and very emotional. But going further, such as recovering your passion, or learning your unique erotic ways can’t happen without those basics.

I recently heard from a couple on a Discovery Call: It feels embarrassing to seek a sex therapist at our age….

To which I reply: well, the good news is I am not! :)

“Sex, Love, and Goop” is one of the few documentaries that shows what kind of breakthroughs are available in working with an intimacy coach.

I can see how it is becoming more popular, as more than a half of a couples saying now they got the courage to call me after watching the show! Thank you, Gwyneth Paltrow and Netflix :)

Every coach is different, but the essence is the same:

- Coaching is not a therapy. Yes, we talk, but the focus is on learning through guided experiences.

- You need to be ready to move forward. The focus is on “How”, not “Why”.

- You don’t have to have “problems” to work with an intimacy coach! You just need to have an intention!

What is it that you want when it comes to intimacy and sex?

What are your desires?

And let me figure out the “how” for you...

*DELICIOUS : affording great pleasure

*EXPANSION : the act or process of expanding : great extent of something spread out


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