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Where did you get the positive part of your "sex education" and your view on how sexual relationships would "ideally" look for you?

What was one positive childhood experience that shaped your perception?

Something that shaped mine was the world of Arabic tales

I was lucky to spend seven years of my childhood in Kabul, Afghanistan. My dad worked there as a medical doctor, and we were part of a community of Soviet diplomat's families.

One of my dad's patients was Russian-speaking widow of one of the former monarch's brothers.

I was eleven at that time. I absolutely loved spending time at her apartment! She had one of the most extensive home libraries I've ever seen!

One of her entire bookshelves was filled with Thousand- and one-nights series... Unabridged edition.

I clearly remember her asking my dad if he is sure he is Ok with me browsing those books. That definitely sparked my interest! I remember looking through those heavy, exquisite looking books in leather covers, admiring exotic pictures and imagining myself dressed in bright and golden colors, being in a harem...

I read some scenes describing sexual love without understanding of what was actually described, but simply feeling joy and energy of it.

I think the most impactful message I got from that time was - there is a secret life of an earthy physical love. There is no shame in it, it's beautiful and magic. But- it is still not OK to talk about it openly.


I wasn't sure. Maybe so the magic won't disappear?

Or it somehow doesn't fit into the "normal" life? Or maybe it's all only possible in fairy tales after all?

Wondering how much of those believes I still have in me.

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