• Zhanna R Lee


Updated: Apr 24

If it's still cold outside – would a cherry tree start blooming?

If there is no container - would you start pouring the water?

If you knew there was no one to catch you - would you still close your eyes and fall back?

When a man expects a woman to start trusting him without providing a warmth of his emotions, the security of his intentions, the solidity of his physical presence.... isn't it like asking those flowers to bloom at the wrong time?

One might think he is too eager to pick up those cherries, and does not care about the tree...


When a woman expects a man to shower her with his warmth, to reassure her with his words, to be there for her when she needs him... while staying motionless and cold herself...

Isn't it like asking someone to bring a dead piece of wood back to life?

Who would waste their energy on something so silly?

Who would they hold a bucket under a dried-out creek?

Who would reach out to catch someone who is holding on to a stone pillar for their dear life?

Vulnerability requires courage.

Who will be the one to brake this endless chain?



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