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To become a pro at something, you need to spend 10,000 hours mastering it. That means at least three hours a day, every day, for about ten years ... (read it in "Outliers" by Malcolm Gladwell)

What have you been spending most of your time on this month/this year/this lifetime? 😊

For me it looks like this:

My teens and early-mid-twenties: reading, studying and teaching literature, horse riding.

After becoming a mother: everything related to childhood and developmental psychology, for almost ten years, and – yoga.

The next decade: personal self-growth and development, physiology and psychology of human connection, sexuality, and – Tantra!

I first had the idea to specialize in sexuality during my occupational therapy training in 2013. When I came across Tantra in 2016 I immediately thought of how wonderful it would be to combine the two.

But the idea of becoming an intimacy coach didn’t come until after…

I remember exactly the moment it happened!

Spring of 2016, one of the entrepreneurs’ events at the Venture Café in Cambridge.

I stumbled over something, turned around, and saw a young man in a wheelchair, talking to his friend. Feeling like throwing myself off a cliff, I began to talk to them about my new idea of working with people with physical, emotional, or mental difficulties in the area of ​​intimacy and sex combining holistic approaches: yoga, Tantra, life coaching, and occupational therapy.

Pretty quickly a small crowd formed around us. People started asking questions, offering feedback…

As a result, I told my story three or four times, each time in more detail, and each time getting more and more support!

Receiving such a positive response was elevating and nerve wracking at the same time! My knees were trembling, and my heart was pounding in my ears so loud I could barely hear myself! LOL

This was my breakthrough.

A powerful vortex had opened - there was no turning back!

A week later I was sitting at my first Tantric workshop and met my first Tantric buddy who then became my boyfriend…

A year later I was already publishing my first website and scheduling my first paid client…

I am incredibly grateful for all the support that my friends, family, clients, and colleagues gave me over the years.

It wasn't easy to stay afloat during the second COVID winter.

But receiving a sudden gift from someone I worked with two years ago…. both money and words… made me feel incredibly supported and appreciated!


(I literally cried my eyes out reading these:)

~~~Darkness seems to be enveloping the globe these days… People need your light more than ever!

~~~Thank you for all you have done for me and my relationship with my wife!

~~~My very best wishes for your career and health!"



Stay well, everyone! Do what you love! It’s the best immune booster 😉



*DELICIOUS : affording great pleasure

*EXPANSION : the act or process of expanding : great extent of something spread out



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