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Updated: Apr 24

I am the biggest advocate for mutually satisfying and empowering connection between sexes. Any and all of it – romantic, sexual, emotional…

As an intimacy coach coming from Tantric perspective, I believe that mutual satisfaction implies being in a flow.

An energy exchange that feels good for both!

And the most common complain I hear from couples is being “out of sync”.

S/he wants more or less of something, and another partner can not (not) do it, or, according to another, not willing to.

When it comes to a long-term partnership, the amount, and forms of giving and receiving are almost indefinite!

For example, one person can ‘give” to the relationship by earning money, and another by providing emotional comfort, hugs and words.

It all good!

Even if it doesn't feel equal in the moment, if you are in a healthy relationship, it most likely will balances out over time!

But when it comes to physical intimacy, being “in sync” in the moment becomes more important.

How can we possibly create that?

There are four most important factors.:

1 - Awareness of your own desires and limitations.

2 - Willingness to look, explore, and be vulnerable.

3 - Ability to do this work now, both physically, and psychologically.

And –(4) Pleasure! The often-forgotten aspects – whatever you are doing has to be pleasurable for both!

Do you want to learn how to exchange energy and touch in the most safe, pleasurable, and satisfying way?

Join my workshops!

Tantra – Friday, September 24th

Wheel of Consent – Sunday, October 17th

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