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Updated: Apr 24

Having a strong relationship foundation makes a huge difference in the quality of your connection!

I believe that starts with an understanding of your partner's perception.

Alison Armstrong has been one of my favorite relationship coaches for a while!

Here is what she says about the different realities of men and women...

"Men are single-focused. They do one thing at the time. They commit themselves. "I am going to get this done." This is why they get frustrated. They've committed themselves, and then they don't have everything they need.

When a man gets frustrated, we give him what would be excellent advice - if he was a hairy woman. We say, "Just do something else! If you can't fix the faucet, fix the fence! It's broken too!" He looks at us as if we're silly.

Women have diffuse awareness. Diffuse means "to pour in every direction." This is why we hear so many things in our environment talking to us, saying, " Pick me up! Fix me! Put me away! I'm ugly! Beautify me!" So we attempt to do eight to ten things at a time; pulled in every direction and committed to nothing.

Women don't get frustrated; we get overwhelmed. And then what do the men in our lives tell us to do? They tell us either to prioritize, or they say, "Just do one thing at the time. "When they tell us that, we think, That's stupid. If I did just one thing at the time, I d be even more behind than I already am!

We give each other advice from our different realities, from our different ways of thinking, because both men and women think that we're versions of each other. They're hairy, misbehaving women, and we are emotionally-indulgent men! These misperceptions are the source of most of our difficulties."

Let me know what do you think!

*DELICIOUS : affording great pleasure

*EXPANSION : the act or process of expanding : great extent of something spread out




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