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Updated: Apr 24

Can intimacy coaching be a "just a business"?

I don't think so.

You need to really feel people to be able to help them in such a delicate area.

I tend to develop friendship-like relationships with most of my clients.

I think about them often, follow up after the sessions are done, and keep learning new things having their struggles in mind.

It can be tricky, as it requires a lot of self awareness and clear boundaries. And I hasn't been always successful at that...

But I came to realize one very simple thing. So is the truth in ANY relationships!

Any relationships benefit from knowing yourself and having healthy boundaries! As well as every person thrives when their needs and desires are being seen and acknowledged.

I received this testimonial from a wonderful young man with whom I worked over a year ago.

For me, that is the representation of "getting it", and at such a young age!

Grateful and proud of him!

"Working with Zhanna helped me to understand what does it mean to be a conscious person. Through guided self reflections, Tantric meditations, and consent practices I've learned how to set healthy boundaries in relationships and the importance of respecting them in a partner in order to have a safe and pleasurable relationship.

There was always a positive, nurturing and relaxing atmosphere during our work, which helped me a lot with my confidence! Zhanna is a great person with a very kind heart.

There is a lot to learn from her!

- A., 22."

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