Pay From The Heart*
 adapted from the Heart of Business by Mark Silver

 *Available for up to three online consultations

What does it mean?


It’s simple – once you decided to work with me, check with your heart and find an amount that feels right and healthy for you. I want you to feel great about the relationship – what you receive from me, and what you give to sustain me in my giving to you.

Some guidelines:

$120 is my baseline, minimum request for an INDIVIDUAL ZOOM session.

$150 is my baseline, minimum request for any COUPLE'S's ZOOM session.

$150/$180 is a sustainable amount which helps me to thrive to give more to you.

$210/$250 is generous and supports those who can’t pay the minimum request.

If you are in a financial situation now, where spending $120 means you can’t afford to support your basic needs, you are invited with an open heart to choose  an amount lower than my minimum. I will receive with great appreciation what is coming from your heart and will be happy to support you this way!

Pay it forward!


Are you someone who believes in my mission, and appreciates  the work I do?  Would you like to support my business?

Any amount you choose to give will be greatly appreciated!