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How am I different from relationship or dating coaches?

Relationships and dating are simply not my focus. Though, by working with me, you can get way ahead in those areas too.

I focus on intimacy and sex, and it can include practices for emotional connection, developing better body awareness, understanding your unique relationship with sexuality and pleasure, and/or overcoming specific performance issues – for both men and women.

  • How coaching is different from therapy?

Coaching is a two-way process, a collaboration between you and me, which is different from a therapeutic approach, where you are being nurtured, “fixed”, or healed.

We start with creating an intention (What do you want?). And then my work is to keep providing you the tools, guidance and support while you are doing your own work - deliciously expanding your life!

You also don't have to have "problems" to work with me. You can simply want to learn how to have more enjoyable or different love life!

  • What is unique about my Holistic Intimacy Coaching style?

I am a huge believer that the only way to learn in the area of intimacy and sex is to experience, practice, and make mistakes (hopefully in the safe environment)! My coaching and conscious touch practicum sessions are based on creating safe and effective ways for you to do that.

Touch, breathing techniques, movement, visualization and Tantric connection exercises are excellent ways to gain experience, create new brain pathways, and develop better body awareness. Which is critical for your ability to be a conscious lover – both in and out of the bedroom!

My approach is based on the believe that our body, mind and spirit/ emotions shouldn't be separated during learning or healing processes. And - we have a natural ability to transform our physical or mental states without any medication.

*Example - in most cases, PE (premature ejaculation) in men can be resolved in few sessions of practicing body awareness, Tantric and sensate focus techniques, and platonic touch experiences.

  • How my coaching is different from my healing sessions?

Healing session is mostly a "treatment". Something that is done to you and is focused on changing your state. It can also be addressing an issue or providing an experience.

Coaching, on other hand, is a co-creative space, with a focus on changing a behavior, or gaining a skill.
Both are beneficial, and both can be chosen or combined depending on your condition, desire, or need.

  • What are the most common reasons people come to see me for coaching or healing?


-“We still love each other, but there is no passion anymore. Sex became a predictable and sometimes dreaded routine. Is there anything we can do about it?”

-“Our sex life is awesome, we have lots of pleasure. But she keeps complaining she wants “deeper connection”. How can I make her feel loved?”
- “He wants sex all the time, but I don’t. And I don't know how to communicate it without upsetting him or making him feel rejected. Is anything wrong with me for not wanting sex?”

- “She expects me to be ready and "get going" any time, like it's used to be in our twenties. I feel like I must do it for her, so I am thinking I should start using pills. But... is there any other ways to increase my stamina and sex drive?”

- “I am recovering after a difficult break up, and having trouble trusting wo/men again.”
- “My ex said I am not that great in bed, and I cannot get it out of my head. Am I missing something?”
- “I like sex, and I think I am a good lover, but - is there anything more to it? What about that bliss and deep spiritual connection some people are talking about?”
- “When it comes to an intercourse, I can only last a minute or so. Can Tantra help with that?”
- “It takes me too long to get aroused, and I often feel pain during an intercourse... So, most of the time, I endure it...”
- “I want sex, but I don't know how to explain what I need, and, to be honest, I don't always know it myself.”

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