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Would you like to dive deep into creating the relationship of your dreams?

Sexual satisfaction is one of the most powerful predictors of a successful marriage. Yet many people turn their attention to it only when they start experiencing problems. They go to a therapist or a doctor hoping to resolve their emotional difficulties, or to address physical symptoms.

Most often they suffer silently, letting shame and self-doubt drain their passion... afraid their relationship is doomed.

Have you ever considered looking at your sexuality from a holistic perspective? Maybe even before any problems start?

Intimacy is not something that is taught at school, but something we experience. It is the area where we all can use a more wholesome, practical, body-mind-heart centered approach.

This package is a perfect gift to ensure your life-long relationship happiness and satisfaction... or to recover one! 

This program is for those who are ready to take a break from a routine, and  treat yourself to a 15 hours of undivided attention, learning, and fun. 


This is the education you always wanted, and never had!

What to expect?

  • Full immersion day (7,5 hours) - in person

  • Two 3-hour sessions/half days - in person 

  • Completion session (90 min)- in person or online

  •  "Home play" assignments

  • Support over an email or phone  for two weeks after or 3 to 6 months bi-weekly coaching  extension. 

  • Printable "Holistic Intimacy Toolbox" for a future reference.


What previous participants are saying: 


"My husband and I have been together for 13 years, married 12. We have 2 children, pets, challenging career schedules etc...

We started couples therapy after our second child was born 8 years ago and while it was a path we needed , we reached our limit as far as talk therapy was concerned.

We learned about Zhanna's coaching through our therapist and at first, dipped our toes in. Neither my husband or myself were familiar with Tantra and really didn't know what to expect. While we were able to take some great lessons away from our shorter sessions, it was the Immersion program that truly transformed our relationship!

While we were hesitant at first, considering the financial commitment as well as making sure we were able to get away for a few days, we both feel it was the best money we've ever spent!

Before the immersion sessions, we were stuck. We were painfully considering separation because we just couldn't figure out how to get un-stuck! We loved each other immensely but we both had so much sexual healing that needed to be done and had no idea who, how or where to begin!

Zhanna put us at ease immediately. Her vibe, her space, the comfortable furniture, the tea and snacks... all so thoughtfully and naturally designed to make us feel at home. While our sessions were raw and painful at times, we were always brought right back to a place of love and support. We learned SO much!

My science minded husband was blown away by, with what may have been perceived as "woo-woo" in the past, the tangible and transformational effect this experience had on him! We left exclaiming, 'every couple we know needs this information!!'

Our time with Zhanna gave us the tools we were missing in our relationship. The tools most couples don't even know they need until it's too late. The proof for us though, has been how our relationship has changed now that we're back to reality... in a bustling home, jobs, kids distractions. My husband and I have never been closer and with that comes a positivity that surrounds our whole family. Our schedules are still crazy and life goes on but we take small moments whenever we can to reconnect, using the tools Zhanna has given us.

My husband gave me a card the other day that said, "I've never been more excited for our future" and that sums up our experience perfectly."

V., 42


"Our experience with Zhanna was nothing short of transformational.
My wife and I started with a series of 6 ninety min sessions where we learned the foundational principles of Tantra.

But the game changer for us became our 3-day Immersion program!
I would describe myself as a bit skeptical going in to the whole process. But from day one though, Zhanna’s caring approach put me at ease and allowed me to be very open.

With Zhanna’s guidance over this time, we had some real breakthroughs in our relationship. We were able to achieve a deeper understanding of each other, and some of the things that were preventing us from a more natural intimacy.

Both me and my wife always felt completely safe and supported under her guidance.

We could not recommend Zhanna more highly!"


S., 44


Watertown, MA

Waltham, MA